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Global Leadership Program

As part of Macquarie's commitment to internationalisation and innovation, the Global Leadership Program (GLP) equips students with the leadership potential, professional skills and international experiences to pursue a truly international career.

International Student Buddy

The buddy program requires us, a thirty- member team, to assist new overseas students to get an overall sense on their study and life in Sydney.

During the two weeks orientation, we as guides helped thousands of new students to get in the position.

(my partner is answering a student's enquiries.)


       buddy certi

(certificate of participation)

Colloquia Attended

  • GL C01 :: Cross Cultural Understanding
    Professionals in any field need cross-cultural skills to work in a global environment. This colloquium will also look at the relevance of cross-cultural understanding to international careers and globalisation.
  • GL C02 :: Leadership
    Leadership is said to be one of the most studied and least understood topics in the social sciences. This participative colloquium explores different kinds of leadership, and their applicability to different people, cultures, and contexts.
  • GL C03 :: Beyond Borders: the responsibilities of a global citizen
    What are our responsibilities in a globalised world? This colloquium will provide an understanding of the issues associated with being a citizen of a global community. Gain an awareness of the implied social responsibilities of global citizenship.
  • GL E05 :: One World, Many Beliefs
    Different religions have different perspectives on global issues. Religion can be both the fuel for international conflicts and a facilitator of hope and peace. This colloquium features a panel of clergy from different religions.
  • GL E06 :: Effective writing: respecting & reshaping professional cultures
    Changing social demands in professional disciplines are creatively reshaping language and discourse requirements. Leaders in their field use language that reflects their awareness of the intercultural nature of professional communication.
  • GL E07  :: Getting the Message Across: effective public speaking
    Learn and practise the fundamentals involved in making a successful presentation in a supportive small-group environment. Get practical tips for preparing presentations, presenting, and do a short practice presentation.
  • GL E08 :: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Young people in a globalised knowledge society will inherently operate in a more enterprising and innovative capacity. Look at definitions of entrepreneurship and innovation and how these relate to you.
  • GL E09 :: Group Dynamics
    Understanding group dynamics can assist you in many professional and personal situations. This colloquium explores different aspects of working in, and in particular, leading a group.
  • GL E13 :: Me Inc. - Tools for Powerful Self-Promotion
    This colloquium will develop your perspective of yourself as a marketable entity – ‘Me Incorporated’ – and assist you to ‘sell’ to employers and others the skills and experiences you have, including those from the GLP.
  • GL E24 :: Intelligence and the Global Community
    This colloquium introduces students to intelligence, including people, organisations and processes involved, and its influence on government and leadership.

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