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Asian Business Forum

HCABF is a conference that brings the top managers, researchers, and experts together with the best of tomorrow's leaders in order to explore the future of business and innovation in Asia.

Harvard College Asian Business Forum



26 August, Grand Hyatt Mumbai India, HCABF 2006 started followed by the keynote address. Mr. Anand Mahindra, Vice-Chairman and MD of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., made a speech about today’s India by reporting the statistics data, presenting figures from varieties of industries, and comparing the developing process of India with that of China. Mr. Mahindra argued that there are many weeds preventing the India’s reform, which are inefficient infrastructures, labor pains, M&A speed breakers, lack of a common capital market, and bureaucratic bumptiousness.

The panel of FDI is much more focused on the comparison between India and China. Obviously the success of China in attracting FDI encourages Indian government to engage in lowing tariffs and other trade barriers. Besides the two countries share many similarities like large market, complex culture background, and low labor cost, the speakers indicated that India has a history of private entrepreneur and it is stronger on corporation strategy and innovation, which will help India accelerate its reform.



The atmosphere in the conference was pulled to peak when the panel Brand Building started. Dr. Wilfried Aulbur, CEO and MD of DaimlerChrysler India, decorated the speech room with two fancy Mercedes-Benz cars, and he played several short movies marketing his corporation. Under the soft music and tense scenes, unconsciously all delegates were touched, or say conquered by his aggressive marketing intelligence. At this time, any brand building theories seemed pale.


A case study was allocated on Sunday, 27 August. The speaker is from Wharton Business School and he discussed the Microsoft’s strategy on acquisition of Vermeer, who developed the product FrontPage. How to coordinate the employees from different company culture and how to maintain their enthusiasm becomes a key. From this case, delegates enhanced understandings in problem-solving when M&A proceeded.




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