My Interests





I prefer the Buddhahood, the philosophy rather than Buddhism, the religion. The perceptions and perspectives from Buddhism, combined with the philosophy of Confucianism and Taoism, compose the oriental ideology.

Click HERE to read my Chinese essay Misunderstandings on Buddhism in Contemporary China.

Brushwork & Flute



In a raining afternoon, splashing ink and colour, accompanied with lyrical flute music, is what I most desired... umm, yep, a cup of tea is also preferred. :p




Visual Basic is my favourite toy, with which I can easily write an application and play day and night, whilst Matlab is also a very important part of my daily life as most of my calculations and analysis are finished with it.

Climbing & Roaming



Before arriving in Sydney, I climbed hills at least twice a month, but it seems luxurious now to spend a whole day to climb Blue Mountain or anywhere else. Instead, roaming the streets becomes a substitute in leisure.  2006