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Performance of Tactical Assets Allocation



This is a practice of designing models. We target to overperform a benchmark, which consists of 60% equity index, 30% 20yr Gov bonds, and 10% T-bills. By aggregating CPPI and FERM, we improve the performance and eventually surpass the benchmark.

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Hedge funds as a potential threat to financial stability

Hedge Fund


A series of events involving hedge funds during the last decade raised the issue of financial instability into the spotlight. Following briefly analysis of the near-default of LTCM in Section 1, the Section 2 evaluates the relations of hedge funds and other market participants. The potential threats including high leverage, credit risks and other attributes are mentioned across the whole paper, and at last the probable inner motivation of some phenomena also is presented from a psychological stand as well.

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Inflation and Growth

Inflation & Growth

This essay holds the same opinion with most economists that high inflation has a negative relationship with economic growth, but this essay also argues that such negative relationship is only stable in well regulated developed country, rather than in developing countries, by conducting a regression of China’s inflation against growth and unemployment.

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Trickeries: Study on Raise the Red Lantern



Scarcer the recourses, less does the human right and female right. Only those who can let worries and fear down can escape the competition and trickery, and can achieve their psyche equanimity. People are easily allured by power and enjoy power, while power may bring more suffer.

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Elements in Movie: Hero (3 min talk)

aesthetics in China


Six basic elements contribute to the aesthetics in China.

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US CAD & Protectionism



protectionism is much more a dangerous problem than current account deficit is, since protectionism would weaken U.S. competitiveness and, in the long term, protectionism would do harm to the world trade.

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Marketing Analysis on New Product

Mokia vs Notorola


This is a role-play game. My team is required to design a new product and to report to the board by using the fundamental marketing analysis skills.

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